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Combating our Era of Fake News, Corporate Propaganda and Idiocracy

I’m listing some of the best podcasts, substacks, webzines and videos. In these varied media forms and topics, there’s an education for everyone.

This library will be updated as my journey continues.

Remember the rule of truthseeking - DON’T TRUST ANYONE, including me. Use several sources to birth your mind.

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Destinations That Wonderfully Don’t Fit Under One Topic

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Military Strategy

South Africa

Sadly, I cannot list any current news media here that doesn’t have agenda for a single side of the forces controlling or seeking to control us South Africans. We’re a fundamentally corrupt country that has been sold. However, there are destinations of interest:

Brain Travel (Because Sometimes Escape is Necessary)

Truthseeking in Our Sheepish World

I refuse to eat the grass that the wolf wants to feed me so that it can eat me later. I want to know who is making my life difficult and stop our world’s decline into idiocracy. I need to know why store prices jump, crime increases, politicians lie, wars are waged, and voting changes nothing.

Truthseeking (or wolfseeking) is a painful journey. Not everyone has years to crawl through this muddy field but they’re capable of lessening their intake of TV and newspaper news, and instead subscribing to a handful of writers who get themselves dirty so that they don’t have to. Journalists wanting to share with us are being killed, tarred, and imprisoned.

Everyone has the potential to be, at the least, a runaway sheep. You can improve the world by not gossiping important events into triviality, or by being manipulated into spreading hate and fake news. Don’t become a topic on Joey B Toonz. Be mindful when you speak - saying “I don’t know” can be as wise as communicating reality.

Finding my opinion was difficult. I will only become wiser if I keep learning forever. Contrary sources gave me direction to where I am now. I have suggestions that have educated me into reducing my bias (which we all inherit from our upbringing/culture). Some wells revere facts above all else, others are controversial in opinion or history. Not agreeing with them all the time makes them invaluable to the debate in my head.

A few alternate figures may have questionable history but that's irrelevant to their knowledge of the topic at hand e.g., Roman Polanski's crime doesn’t magically turn his movies into trash. We can disagree with someone about covid or global warming without dismissing everything they say.

The caveat is that I couldn't stop my reverence for Glenn Greenwald, famous for reporting on Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing, devolving into my unsubscribing when he 'hosted' Alex Jones' comeback show. Self-serving conspiracy theorists damage truthseekers, ultimately becoming tools of the corrupt establishment which pretends that real conspiracies are fake too.

It's tragic that award-winning journalists have been sidelined by the mainstream but that's not absolute because the Fourth Estate is emboldened.

Substack has become more important than the iconic publications I grew up with e.g., Chris Hedges, Matt Taiibi, Caitlin Johnstone and their brethren are indispensable.

The Military Summary Channel and Moon of Alabama provide more insight into that war than corporate-funded think tanks. Via an email conversation, I realised that a Naked Capitalism founder is Russo-biased but her writing is excellent, and her esteemed guest writers and aggregation service are invaluable. Scott Horton, an anti-war activist, may be my favourite political podcaster.

Then there are the servants of oligarchy…

I haven't listed gross misleaders such as CNN and MSNBC which are more propaganda than helpful. Fox News is better regarding Ukraine but little else. It remains partisan, its only ambition to sell advertising by striking at the Democrats on behalf of the screaming faction of the Republican Party. The New York Times and the Washington Post, once among my liberal favourites, are ultimately servant to the sins of the Democratic Party - truth dies in their disloyal darkness.

The major outlets of the UK (BBC) and Germany (DW) may lean towards the military industrial complex but are sharper destinations, particularly for documentaries.

Al Jazeera and Democracy Now deserve exclamation. They're the best international television news.

Armed with alternative media wanting a less cruel world, I’m better able to navigate and question Mainstream Media.

Considering that the war in Ukraine and the plight of Palestine is affecting everyone, it’s natural that many great writers have focused on that. They’ll likely inform us of the next crisis before it happens, as they did for this war, the Iraq War and the 2008 global economic depression.

What’s needed is more about places such as Somalia and the Congo where suffering is immense but overlooked because it less affects the global economy (and probably because attention is racist).

Nevertheless, I’ve listed great targets for you. Happy hunting!