Low tide in Knysna, the prettiest town in South Africa.

Caring too much is best tempered with a bit of “I-don't-give-a-fuck”. Nevertheless, I’m scarred by the corruption stabbing my beloved country, South Africa. I can’t write directly about that as criminal politicians will imprison me, but here’s other bits and pieces about my world and other countries on the continent.


  1. GodZille #1: Dear Helen Zille - I'm warning you that I am going to tell the world about your corruption.

  2. GodZille #2: The DA Threatens Me - A shocking moment in Parliament, journalists criminally silent, fake ANC dance.

  3. GodZille #3: Helen Zille is the DA's DNA - The cover-up of Democratic Alliance corruption must begin with an intro to Helen Zille, one of South Africa's most powerful and hated political figures.

  4. GodZille #4: DA is protected by the ANC - President Cyril Ramaphosa is Helen Zille’s angel. His African National Congress is involved in the cover-up of Democratic Alliance corruption.

  5. GodZille #5: Bonginkosi Madikizela - Bongi is Helen Zille's douchebag. She made him a leader of 7 million people, and they now share responsibility for their party's crime. I debated him on radio.


  1. Spiderweb #1: Is South Africa a threat to the USA? "South Africa has been building ties to countries that undermine America’s national security and threaten our way of life," says Congressman John James.

  2. Spiderweb #2: The Fake Munich Security Conference 2024 - The elite guest list at the USA's military version of Davos included Alexander Soros, Anthony Blinken and South Africa's Emma Louise Powell.

  3. Spiderweb #3: Who controls South Africa? (part 1) - A mystery about George Soros, Martin Moshal , Michiel Le Roux, Nathan Kirsh, Rob Hersov, the Oppenheimers, The Brenthurst Foundation, and the Democratic Alliance.

  4. Spiderweb #4: Who controls South Africa? (interval) - A note about your shares and me being censored before the series continues...

  5. Spiderweb #5: Who controls South Africa? (part 2) - The influence of Redi Tlhabi, Chris Maroleng, sponsored media, think tanks, and NGOs on truth, elections and the economy of South Africa.

  6. Spiderweb #6: Who Controls South Africa (part 3) - Cold Case Apartheid & the Blood of the U.N. - A crazy crime story that travels from Europe to South Africa - assassinations, the attempted extermination of black South Africans, and the theft of billions by the outgoing Apartheid government.


  1. The Biggest Fire: On June 7, 2017, I became one of many victims of the Great Knysna Fire, then the biggest in South Africa's history.

  2. Africa takes another loud step away from the West and Western-influenced African states: World order keeps shifting as Mali, Niger & Burkina Faso leave ECOWAS simultaneously.

  3. A South African Street Diary: "Dressing in my unhappy face ‘cause they don’t know the unhappiest face shows nothing..."

  4. Beautiful backroads of South Africa: Itchy Boots takes us from the Drakensberg Mountains through Bavianskloof and the Karoo Desert to the border of South Africa and Namibia.

  5. Are you strong enough to vote? Master and servant politics will only change when masochists self-identify and stop voting for sadists.

  6. Polls: Who are you voting for? This is for my South African, American, British, and EU readers, and anyone with an interest in the politics of our countries which will shape the world.

  7. Crazy South African 2024 election outcome possibility charts: The future isn't good or bad, it's a chart. Let's play democracy!

  8. The funny side of the DA/ANC alliance: Introducing ANC Vice President Helen Zille, and her loving political partner.

  9. My FAKE South African ELECTION RESULTS 2024: I'm back from the future into 2024. I'm dressed in a suit I stole from a think tank pollster. Will you fill in your life's lottery ticket with the numbers I give you?

  10. Your unknown South African soundtrack: Step out of your comfort zone, and bring your ears to my radio where Springbok Nude Girls, Deity's Muse, The Awakening, Parlotones, Lark and more sing for you.

  11. South Africa is 14 days away from the biggest election in 30 years: No corruption-fighting politicians, but voters are offered free healthcare, executions for murderers, border control and a lot more talking...

  12. The Woman Mayor of Freetown: Aki-Sawyerr is in charge of the challenging capital of Sierra Leone.

  13. I'm sick of empty political platitudes: None of the South African May 29 election candidates has a track record fighting corruption. They're pretending to fight crime whilst being complicit.

  14. South Africa's Election - Halfway There: The scientists and mathematicians can tell us the result.

  15. Results of the South African Election 2024: But it's only the beginning of the political game of musical chairs...

  16. Where the hell does South Africa go now? South Africans only get to vote and receive propaganda. We're not invited to backroom deals where politicians trade careers and funders' agendas.


  1. Gold Mafia: From South Africa and Zimbabwe with love...

  2. Broken Borders, South Africa's Crime Corridors: Afriforum's video investigation into our border crisis.

  3. Is the Cold War Heating Up Africa? Making plans for Niger.

  4. Zuma Dodges Prison Again: The many lives of South Africa’s ex-President Jacob Zuma is a lesson in pragmatism for everyone.

  5. South Africa stands for Palestine and against Apartheid: The South African Zionist Federation accused President Ramaphosa of supporting terrorists and standing against peace.

  6. Video Journey: From Apartheid to White Slum: In the span of one lifetime, there can be change, for better and worse.