Russia & Ukraine

Russia’s capture of Avdeevka, February 2024

The war in Ukraine is changing our lives. It’s pushed prices up, and forced smaller countries, such as my South Africa, to choose a side in the bigger war for control of the global economy and the United Nations. Ukrainian and Russians are dying without knowing why. To have an opinion in a bar or on social media is too easy but there’s nothing casual about what’s happening. It’s even easier to do what politicians tell us, but to be anti-war requires hard work. I don’t want to be a fool, so I’m digging and sharing with you major events, key players, and the horrors of us, the collective human race, being manipulated again. My effort towards knowledge and wisdom is an essay/podcast series called ‘Putin Isn't the Only Monster in Ukraine’ as well as associated articles and news updates. Please join me in discovery.


  1. Dangerous Propaganda: I'm going to try make you as uncomfortable as I feel...

  2. Does South Africa Love Russia More Than Ukraine? You can bomb people... just not the white ones...

  3. Is it NATO’s Fault? Europe and the USA were warned by their own people...

  4. Ukraine Has Lost the War: Are you witnessing a victor in the rubble?

  5. From Nazi History to Civil War: How can we fight Nazism without saying 'Nazi'?

  6. Nazis Are Convenient: Is the right-wing hero or opportunist in war?

  7. Bloody Bakhmut is Falling… into Zelensky’s Shame: "Forward", the General yelled from the rear…


  1. Ukraine Will Be a Problem Member of NATO: French General Michel Yakovleff admits it's NATO's war…

  2. The Black Sea Grain Deal is Dead… For Now: Another exciting episode of our favourite cereal.

  3. The 10 Commandments "Agent Zelensky" Must Obey: Scott Ritter has released a controversial video that must be viewed.

  4. The Daily Terrorgraph: They believe that the West always wins.

  5. Putin Warns Poland: “This is an Extremely Dangerous Game” Do the Poles know what NATO and their Government are up to?

  6. German State Propaganda Against the Rise of the Right-Wing? Why has the Austrian FPÖ/Russian corruption scandal resurfaced?

  7. Putin Gives Africa $23bn Debt Relief: Russia has plans for Africa, a chess move beyond Ukraine.

  8. Africa and Russia sign the St Petersburg Declaration: Declaration of the Second Russia-Africa Summit 2023

  9. Putin and Ramaphosa's Meeting After Midnight: "You drive things right into very early hours of the morning..."

  10. Has Gonzalo Lira Escaped Ukraine? "Either I'll cross the border and make it to safety, or I'll be disappeared by the Kiev regime."

  11. Ukraine war propaganda by the USA's foreign affairs department and German Marshall Fund: James O’Brien and Heather Conley are cheerful about the future of Ukraine.

  12. Ukraine loses against Russia at International Court of Justice (ICJ), why no MSM headline? The complaint involves the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, funding separatism in Donbas, and denying Ukrainian language education in Crimea.

  13. Ukraine's second case against Russia given the go-ahead by the International Court of Justice: Ukraine alleges that Russia falsely claimed publicly that acts of genocide occurred in the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, and were reason for its invasion.

  14. IMF predicts Russia's economy to grow in 2024. Did Germany sanction itself? Good management, oil prices, higher wages and a war economy lift Russia.

  15. Avdeevka is falling quickly! A divided Ukraine, a strategic city, and a pivotal moment in the war.

  16. 100% control of Avdeevka: The latest Russian headlines about their biggest victory of the war.

  17. The Devil visited Earth: The Devil visited CSIS, one of her favourite cults, to televise how her plans for Earth are doing. She rubbed her red right hand over her behemoth figure, and asked her host, Max Bergmann, how she looked. He responded, “Victoria Nuland’s body suits you.”

  18. 'Invasion': Hating Russians in Ukraine! Russia was trying to stop a war. That's more saving than invading. Now the war's becoming something else, bigger, but let's meet the horrid start.

  19. Poll: When will the war in Ukraine end? Two polls, and a reminder about Transnistria and Moldova.

  20. Massive Ukrainian casualties as Russia marches and bombs West of Avdeevka: FAB glide bombs, heavy flamethrowers, cluster rounds and assault troops are creating hell in Ukraine.

  21. Why did the Media, before the war, lie that there were Nazis in Ukraine? Let's use video history to reverse my headline, and their war whitewash.

  22. The Devil quit her job, but probably not her neocon plotting passion: Victoria Nuland has resigned as U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, leaving the ruins of Iraq and Ukraine in her wake.

  23. The Crocus Terror Attack: ISIS-K terrorists attacked a rock concert and a ballroom dancing competition at the Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast.

  24. Putin addresses Russians regarding Crocus Terror Attack: "Those who shot and killed people, have been found and apprehended. They attempted to escape and were heading towards Ukraine."

  25. A lot for Russia, and against Ukraine: 1,620 Ukrainian casualties in one day. Many villages captured, and two towns close to collapse. Russia on the move, but is that exaggerated?

  26. Ukraine needs $150bn annually! And another $1tn to cover damages. Maybe Canada can help?

  27. We will influence your country, and if you don't allow us, we will punish you: Does a country have the right to know which foreign powers and organisations are funding local NGOs that aim to change local laws and politics?

  28. Blood, Bones and Bodybags: The mysterious case of the invisible Ukrainians and their quest to walk on minefields without TV coverage.



More to come…