Middle East

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  1. Video - South Africa presents its case to the ICJ against Israel's genocide of Palestinians: Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi has been praised for his presentation on behalf of South Africa's case to save innocent Palestinians from Israel.

  2. Video: Israel defends accusation of genocide at the International Court of Justice (ICJ UN):Israel's 4-person defence team includes international lawyer Malcolm Shaw.

  3. Oct 7, Hamas tells their side of the story: On January 26 2024, the International Court of Justice of the UN will deliver its provisional order regarding Israel's conduct against Palestine. South Africa is the litigant, but what about Hamas?

  4. ICJ finds risk of genocide, and rules to protect Palestine from Israel: International Court of Justice recognises the Palestinians’ right to be protected from acts of genocide, rules in favour of South Africa's case against Israel.

  5. Video: American and Al Qaeda assassins in Yemen sponsored by the UAE (and the CIA)? A dark journey into the hidden world of the Middle East where life is cheap, and mercenaries expensive. This is an explosive free-to-view documentary by Nawal Al-Maghafi.

  6. Palestine/Israel Update 29 Jan 2024: Interview with Ansar Allah (the Houthi), 'Israelism' documentary exposes child brainwashing, and Larry Johnson warns against war with Iran after strike kills U.S.A. troops in Syria.

  7. War Crime - Israeli Special Forces dressed as doctors and nurses raided Jenin hospital to execute wounded Palestinian soldiers: CCTV footage shows some of the gunmen before they killed the wounded.

  8. “Has the UN received the Israeli dossier?" UN spokesman replied: "They have yet to receive anything in writing." Why is the U.S. Congress holding a session today for Israel's allegations that UNRWA employees were involved in the Oct 7 attack when Israel has yet to make a formal complaint to the United Nations?

  9. This is how the UN can bypass USA veto & bring Israel's killing of a 'nation' to justice: Yesterday, the UN Security Council held its first deliberation which went as expected, and is, as expected, underreported.

  10. The Hamas Charter: The belief and goals of the Hamas resistance movement is codified in ‘A Document of General Principles and Policies’.

  11. Biden's bomb run and his fog of war words: The USA and Israel have the same mindset towards Arabs: "Kill 'em all!"

  12. Yemen will NOT back down to the USA: Massive crowd in Yemen wanting their desert guerillas to attack bigger.

  13. West bombs Yemen for 11th time in 22 days: Warships and fighter jets target Yemen as Israel prepares a land invasion of the Southern Palestinian cities of Khan Younis and Rafah.

  14. Middle East Update 6 Feb 2024: Without evidence, the USA bombs anyone they claim is associated with Iran. Imagine our world if we starved, imprisoned, tortured or shot everyone by 'association'.

  15. Brave People stand up to Violence: The war of words and peaceful protest against power requires bravery.

  16. Saudi Arabia jumps on the Palestinian side of the fence: Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 7 February 2024.

  17. Middle East Update 13 Feb 2024: Killing Hind Rajab, CIA meets Mossad, Egypt deploys tanks to Gaza border, West Bank settler violence, a poem for Palestine, and much more...

  18. American democracy in Pakistan: A country in crisis after its most popular leader overthrown by the USA.

  19. Video: ‘Natural Born Settlers' - What's it like to grow up as a Jew in an Israeli settlement in the occupied territory of Palestine. 'Natural Born Settlers' is an insightful short documentary.

  20. Video: Sharing the banned undercover investigative docuseries into the Jewish lobby in the USA - Truth counts more when criminal governments seek to hide it.

  21. Detained "Palestinian women and girls subjected to forms of sexual assault": In a radical turn of events, Israeli soldiers are accused of stripping naked, raping kidnapping, and executing Palestinian females.

  22. The challenges of being the Mayor of Ramallah, the de facto capital of Palestine: An insightful, darkly comedic and tragic documentary about keeping a city running whilst Israeli soldiers can appear at any time.

  23. Hamas' statement on Aaron Bushnell: "Aaron Bushnell immortalized as a defender of humanitarian values."

  24. Meet the man you watched get shot in the stomach: It's dangerous to not be a Yaweh-given Israeli in the hills of South Hebron.

  25. ICJ orders Israel to allow food into Gaza: Israel must co-operate with the United Nations to ensure food, water, electricity, fuel, shelter, clothing, hygiene, sanitation, and medical requirements.

  26. UN Human Rights Council votes against weapon sales to Israel: Plus Israel's A.I. Lavender killing machine, the World Central Kitchen slaughter, and the extraordinary letter by 600 British lawyers to their war crime government.

  27. Iran follows up drone attack on Israel with this letter to the UN: "The UN Security Council has failed in its duty to maintain international peace and security, allowing the Israeli regime to transgress red lines."

  28. USA more and more lonely in a windy world: Can the USA not feel the hurricane in its face? Does it not realise that no country can forever fart so loud to keep its balance?

  29. A lot is happening for and against Palestine: Rafah under attack, UN gives Palestine more powers, South Africa makes urgent application, and Americans with guns arrest more unarmed students.

  30. Victory - ICJ orders Israel to stop Rafah attack, allow humanitarian aid, and give genocide investigators access:

    This is the UN's International Court of Justice's response to South Africa's request for urgent measures to stop Israeli aggression against Palestine.


  1. "The terror Israel inflicts is the terror it will get.” - Chris Hedges: On morals, current violence, what's next and geopolitical assessment.

  2. China says the path to peace is to give Palestine its freedom: Characteristically, the warmongering USA has used its Media to attack Chinese realism.

  3. Video: Abby Fights for Gaza, 'Gaza Fights for Freedom', Netanyahu fights for Netanyahu: A documentarian, hypocrites, and the crisis in the Middle East.

  4. "That's not a pretty picture at all..." Gilbert Doctorow explains the threat of a regional war in the Middle East. If Israeli soldiers enters Gaza, Hezbollah may attack.

  5. Israel under UN lockdown, Gaza the only safe place to hide from the virus: 'A Gaza Weekend' is postponed, but it shouldn't be. It's the comedy we need.

  6. Israel's killing "Nazis": Hell widens in Gaza. An evacuation to nowhere, phosphorous munitions, dying hospital patients, frightened kids, the Iraq protest and the Hezbollah question.

  7. Gaza isn't the world, but its children scream for us! News you may have missed because TV was pointing you the other way. But, inevitably, we have to go back...

  8. Israel's horrible hypocrisy and war crime revealed in emotional Al Jazeera interview: An interview with Danny Ayalon became a defining moment for Israel's collective punishment of Gaza's civilians.

  9. South Africa stands for Palestine and against Apartheid: The South African Zionist Federation accused President Ramaphosa of supporting terrorists and standing against peace.

  10. The remarkable moment Nelson Mandela visited the USA and stood up for Palestine: Ted Koppel's interview with Nelson Mandela was a wake-up punch to the West.

  11. Hello to Palestinian and Israeli movies! Emotional and educative movies and documentaries about Gaza, Yarmouk, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, occupied Nazareth and the State of Israel.

  12. The Cow God War in the Middle East: Muslims, Jews, and Christians are making a bloody mess. Pity the poor red cow because atheism won't save it.

  13. "Please save lives, save lives, save lives!" Riyad Mansour begged UN members to stop Israel’s war on Gaza.

  14. World versus USA - United Nations Vote for Truce between Israel and Hamas: 120 votes in favour, 14 against and 45 abstentions (including Ukraine). 53 UN staff members confirmed killed in Gaza.

  15. Revealed - Israel's Proposed Policy for Removal of Gaza’s Civilian Population: The USA's power, propaganda, the demonisation of Egypt, and Palestinian emigration to Europe, are key to this Israeli plan to conquer Gaza.

  16. The Little Brown Bodies of Gaza: I cried as a man screamed for help whilst holding his dead child against his bloody chest. No one did. They were too busy with bleeding kids.

  17. Sacrilegious Sunday: Kumbaya Armageddon! God, Allah and Jehovah walked into a bar and ordered the end of the world.

  18. My day as a doctor at Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital: "Elevator crisis, bed crisis, hospital crisis, patient crisis, country crisis..." says the doctor. Someone responds: "No corpse crisis. There are lots of corpses."

  19. Resolution of the Joint Arab Islamic Extraordinary Summit: The November 11 resolution reads well but words won't help Gaza's dying babies.

  20. Gaza War Update - 16 November 2023: UN votes for "humanitarian pauses", UK Parliament votes against "ceasefire".

  21. Powerful free documentary on religious sex trafficking in Iraq: 'Iraq's Secret Sex Trade' is an undercover investigation into the "pleasure marriage" abuse scam by Shia clerics.

  22. Article 99 invoked for Gaza by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres: For only the sixth time in the history of the United Nations, Article 99 has been called. Cynical reporters ask why no investigation into the UN's dead staff.

  23. Movie Review - 'Huda's Salon': How does a Palestinian survive under Israeli occupation?

  24. U.S.A. stands alone vetoing Gaza ceasefire at United Nations Article 99 Security Council Meeting: In response to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres's invocation of Article 99, and Saudi Arabia's ceasefire proposal backed by 90 countries, the U.S.A. said "No!"

  25. The U.N. uses words for peace but acts for war: Does the United Nations matter when it deliberately votes with words, and without action? Can United Nation votes be bought or bullied?

  26. South Africa takes the lead against Israel: "No great power has had the courage to do what South Africa is doing now." - Geoffrey Nice, human rights lawyer.